Waste Water Solutions

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Grease Blast ™
Grease Blast™ is a compact, wall-mounted, automatic micro-drip system that can free your drain lines..
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Fine Particles Strainer
Removes 99% of all food particles The Fine Particle Strainer (FPS) is a high quality, but low-cos..
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GES® Plus
Free your drains at home, the natural way! GES® Plus provides a chemical-free biological act..
Rs. 1,355.93
Septic Aid Total Tank Shock  ™
Overhaul treatment for septic tanks Septic Aid™ Total Tank Shock can help free severely clogged s..
Rs. 2,542.37
B Environmental Septic Aid ™ Liquid
Septic Aid ™ Liquid - The natural way to maintain septic systems. Septic Aid ™ Liquid releases milli..
Rs. 2,100.00