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90% of wastewater in developing countries is discharged into rivers without any treatment. Matador Network, 40 shocking facts about water

Sewerage is a major source of water pollution in Indian cities. For example, in Delhi alone (2007 figures) of the 931 million gallons per day (MGD) of sewage generated, less than half (430 MGD) received treatment. With a treatment capacity of 665 MGD, the underā€loading is indicative of a major problem with sewage collection systems, which are often poorly maintained and clogged with grease. **

Grease Problem

When poured down the drain, oils, fats & grease (OFG) will quickly stick in sewer pipes causing sewer overflows and odours, with damage also being caused to pumping station operations. Due to higher temperatures in the summer, OFGs may emulsify but in cold weather, the clogs persist.

Oil, Fats and Grease are generally present in high concentrations in wastewater from restaurants. If discharged into sewers, OFG clog pipes, pumps, and downstream equipment, resulting in high operation and maintenance costs. If it enters the environment, OFG can rob surface waters of dissolved oxygen, leading to fish kills and eutrophication.

Grease Eradication System (GES)

Managing OFG through a comprehensive program like our Grease Eradication System (GES) will improve wastewater treatment efficiency while reducing operation and maintenance costs.

We offer the following solutions for municipalities:

Grease Control for Sewage pumping stations
Biolift (for Grease control)

Odor Control for Garbage disposal areas
Odor Foggers (for garbage dumps)

Pothole Repair
B PotHole Free- quick and efficient solution Find out how you can repair a pothole in 20 minutes flat!

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** paper submitted By: David M. Robbins, Owen George, Rachel Burton, "Developing Programs to Manage Fats, Oil, and Grease (FOG) for Local Governments in India" at the Vth World Aqua Congress, November 2011, New Delhi.

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